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10 new jobs in Saudi Arabia to hire domestic workers

The Saudi Ministry of Manpower and Social Welfare has facilitated the recruitment of domestic workers from abroad for 10 new occupations through the Masand portal.
According to Uqal and Akhbar 24, the Ministry of Manpower says that the domestic staff sector in Saudi Arabia is being developed on modern lines.

Online services and modern technology are being used in this regard. The ministry wants the quality of recruiting to be raised.
The Ministry says that the 10 new professions that have been allowed to hire domestic workers from abroad are family female driver, personal caretaker, home guard, private teacher, home tailor, home manager, home farmer, home coffee shop, Personal assistants and support workers are included.

The statement said that the Ministry of Manpower is striving to ensure that all recruitment processes through the Masand portal are done in a coordinated manner. Domestic workers are provided with all the information online from the recruiting agencies and companies in the country. Find out online which agency or company is in a position to provide employees for which occupations.
Recruiting service charges and quality screening of nominated drivers can be provided without going to the company.


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