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“Only two rupees in the hands of the farmer for the sale of 512 kg of onions, this is cruelty

We know that the onion cutter sheds tears, but we did not know that the onion grower can also shed tears.

On the one hand, while the price of a kilo of onion in Pakistan had reached 220 to 250 rupees in January, on the other hand, despite the good crop of onions in the western state of India, farmers shed tears.

According to the Indian news agency ANI, the farmers of Nashik are protesting in the onion markets, who say that they are not even able to receive the cost of onion cultivation because the price of onion is very low due to the good harvest of onions. is going

A Sholapur farmer earns just two rupees for selling 10 sacks of onions as he has only two rupees left after the cost of transporting the onions to the market.

They found the price of onion in the market to be Rs 100 per quintal ie Rs 1 per kg.

Farmer Rajendra Takaram Chavan of Borgaon in Barsi taluk of Sholapur traveled 70 km to auction his winter onion crop at the Sholapur Agricultural Produce Market Committee (APMC) at Rs 1 per kg.

After this deal, they were given a post-dated check of Rs 2 as payment which they could cash only after 15 days.

Chavan earned Rs 512 from the sale of his whole crop, but the APMC businessman deducted Rs 509.50 as transportation charges and other expenses. After that only Rs 2.49 came to their share.

 for the sale of 512
for the sale of 512

According to news agency ANI, Mr. Chavan said: “The prices of seeds, fertilizers and pesticides have doubled in the last three to four years. I spent around Rs 40,000 this time to grow around 500 kg of onions.

Mr Chavan’s son Anna Rajendra Chavan said: ‘I grew onions in two acres of land and reached Sholapur Mandi to sell ten sacks.’

After weighing, I was given a check for Rs. I had taken a loan (for onion cultivation). How do I get it back?’

According to Indian newspaper The Hindustan Times, businessman Nasir Khalifa, who bought Chavan’s onions, said that the check was issued to Chavan because of digitalization.

He said: “We have computerized the process of issuing receipts and cheques. As a result, a post-dated check has been issued to Chavan. This is a common practice regardless of the amount written on the cheque.

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Defending the low price, Khalifa said: “Earlier, Chawan brought high-quality onions that were sold at Rs 18 per kg. Later he brought another batch from which he got Rs 14 per kg.’

“Low quality onions are usually not sold,” he added.

A Twitter user, Ramandeep Singh Mann, tweeted a picture of a receipt and wrote that ‘for selling 512 kg of onions, the farmer got only two rupees.’

This will not even pay their fare back home. How will you feed your family there, how will you pay your children’s school fees and how will you bear the cost of treatment?’


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