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Belarus; Russian army plane destroyed in drone attack

Islamabad: The federal government has increased the levy imposed on petroleum products to Rs 8 per liter by implementing the conditions of the IMF.

According to the sources, the levy on petroleum products will be taken up to 50 rupees. In this regard, sources in the Ministry of Finance say that due to the condition of the IMF, the full benefit of the reduction in the prices of petroleum products has not been transferred to the people.

Adjustments have been made by increasing the petroleum levy on petroleum products, according to which the petroleum levy on high speed diesel has been increased by 5 rupees to 45 rupees due to which there has been no reduction in the price of high speed diesel. It has been adjusted by petroleum levy while the petroleum levy on kerosene has been increased by Rs 7.77.
Apart from this, the levy on light diesel oil has been increased by 50 paise, after which the petroleum levy on light diesel has increased to Rs 27.87.


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