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Chinese dish ‘Chicken Manchurian’ invented in India or Pakistan?

Did the recipe for making samosa originate from India or Pakistan? Biryani started to be made in the city of Hyderabad in India or in the city of Karachi in Pakistan?

Every day, the users of India and Pakistan fight many battles on social media on some topic from food to cricket and are looking for opportunities to beat each other. Today’s battle is on the indigenous version of a Chinese dish.

Have you ever wondered where this dish originated while eating Chicken Manchurian? And one day this Chinese dish may cause the next war in India Pakistan?

We thought that like many other dishes of other countries, a Pakistani chef might have experimentally used local spices and brought it to the state that we know today as the Pakistani version of Chicken Manchurian.

Pakistani consumers claim that it was invented in Lahore, but Indians do not believe it. Seeing the global war that is going on on social media between the consumers of both countries regarding this dish, we are afraid that a real war may break out between the two countries over a Chinese dish.

It was just too late to link this dish to Pakistan, the New York Times post’s comments section has such a fight going on that China may have to help cool down the situation.

Zoya Tariq writes that there is no Chinese like Pakistani Chinese in the whole world. He claims that the Chinese living in Pakistan also agree with him.

A user named Manish accused the New York Times that your author is Pakistani, so that doesn’t mean you should call this dish Pakistani.

A user named Bateman ridiculed the New York Times and wrote, “Is it the New York Times or the Karachi Times?”

Why are Indians so insecure about such things on Twitter, asks Ghafran Khalid?

Explaining the reason, an Indian consumer says that ‘Our food is the most important thing in our life. We are very proud of our food. More than cricket, perhaps even more than religion. That is why people are even killed for beef. And Indians know how to defend their food.

Pakistani doctor is Britain’s new ‘MasterChef’

Ali Ahmed, the Pakistani origin ‘inventor’ of the dish called Chicken Taka Masala, passed away

One user even said in the comments section that everyone is saying wrong that this dish was invented by my mother.

Seeing the fight between the consumers of the two countries on the New York Times tweet, Ayman says that nowhere it says that Chicken Manchurian originates from Pakistan.

My friends are you all ok? Want to fight over Chicken Manchurian now?

In this regard, Roma asks whether the next war between India and Pakistan could be over the ownership of Chicken Manchurian. Run the engines of submarines?

Till the publication of this news, it has not been decided whether Chicken Manchurian was invented in India or in Pakistan. However, the fight between consumers of both countries is not ending. Commenting on the same, a user writes that the New York Times set fire in such a way that it was funny.



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