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‘Fruits only 10 rupees per kg’: The series of giving fruit at a discounted price continues for the third year

People started gathering from 2 pm onwards and all eyes were on the sky colored tent which had ‘Fruit only 10 rupees per kg’ written on the outside.

It was the second day of Ramadan. On the very first day, there was so much publicity on social media about the sale of fruit at discounted rates that people came in large numbers, everyone was asking what time they would start selling fruit.

Mustafa Hanif, a young man from Karachi, started selling fruit at discounted prices two years ago, which has entered its third year this year. Mustafa Hanif is quite active on YouTube as well as charity work.

A Suzuki pickup loaded with bananas, melons and apples came and stopped outside the tent. The volunteers took the fruit boxes from it and kept them in the tent, seeing that the people were satisfied that the fruit had arrived.



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