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A mushroom that has the potential to replace plastic in the future


WASHINGTON: According to a new study, a type of mushroom called Fomus fumentarius fungus may contain new materials that will completely replace plastic in the future.

The fungus, which grows in decaying tree bark, is capable of producing a wide range of materials with different properties, according to research published in Science Advances.

The team examined the molecular template of this fungus and its engineering potential. Researchers believe that fumes fumentaris paves the way for an effective eco-friendly alternative to plastic.

In the research, the researchers found that this mushroom is made up of three different layers. The first layer is the hard layer called the outer crust. The second layer is like a ‘foam’ called ‘context’ and the third layer is the hymenophore tubes, which are filled with hollow tubes.

Although all three surfaces are clearly composed of mycelium and other such chemical components, the differences in fineness and density of these surfaces create different mechanical properties.

According to a press release issued, the unusually strong plant could be used to make strong objects such as armor, outer casings for aircraft or coatings on windshields.