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Hijab made mandatory for students and female teachers in educational institutions of Kashmir

In Pakistan-administered Kashmir, the government has made it mandatory for female students and teachers to wear hijab.
In the circular issued on Sunday by the Department of Education, it has been said that it has been observed that female students and teachers are not banned from wearing hijab in the institutions where mixed education is practiced.
In the directive, it is further said that ‘according to the issued instructions, in the institutions in which the mixed education system is practiced, the students and teachers should be strictly prohibited from wearing hijab.’

The education department has warned that action will be taken against the head of the institution in the institutions where the instructions are violated.
The circular issued by the government of Pakistan-administered Kashmir is also being shared on social media and users are also commenting on it.

Sharing the government circular, Kashmiri journalist Jalaluddin Mughal wrote in a tweet that “the official order does not include any explanation about male teachers and students.”

Pakistani journalist Ansar Abbasi praised the government’s decision and wrote that it is a very good decision. The federal and provincial governments should also take this decision.

Nighat Dad, an activist working for digital rights, criticized the government figures and wrote, “Weak men making historic decisions about women.” When they can’t do anything historical, they start making general decisions about women’s personal lives.

This decision will not apply to educational institutions where only girls are studying.


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