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Imran Khan said I need you, don’t arrest Shah Mahmood Qureshi

We are protesting against the violation of fundamental rights, the President announced the date of elections according to the constitution, Vice Chairman Tehreek-e-Insaf: Shah Mahmood Qureshi

Lahore (Latest News. February 22, 2023) Vice Chairman Tehreek-e-Insaf Shah Mehmood Qureshi says that I announced that I will arrest him in the first stage , Imran Khan said, I need you, don’t arrest him . Fake papers filed against PTI leaders and workers, we are protesting against violation of fundamental rights. According to the details, Shah Mehmood Qureshi while talking to the media said that the President gave the date of the elections as per the constitution , abusive language was used against the President in the House .
The President did not do anything unconstitutional , it is a constitutional obligation to hold elections 90 days after the dissolution of the Assembly. They submitted resolutions against the Supreme Commander, no institution was playing its role, so the President informed them.
Shah Mehmood Qureshi said that Jail Bharu Movement is being started from Lahore today , today they will go for arrest in a peaceful manner.

Shah Mahmood Qureshi

Baseless cases have been filed against our workers and leaders, the economic conditions of the country are deteriorating day by day. I announced that I will arrest in the first stage, then Imran Khan said, I need you not to arrest. He said that false cases are being made against us by NAB, the attacks on the judiciary by the PML-N are very dangerous, the judiciary is being threatened, lawyers and bar councils should play a role in this regard.
Earlier, Tehreek-e-Insaf Chairman Imran Khan said that today they are starting the Jail Bharu campaign for real freedom . There are two main reasons for the Jail Bharu movement, one is a peaceful and non-violent protest against the attack on fundamental rights . Fake FIRs. , NAB cases, violence in custody, journalists and social media attacks. In his message, Imran Khan said that the second reason of our movement is against the economic crisis brought by miscreants

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