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Pakistan in Can India helpthe current economic crisis?

During the last few months, Pakistan has been suffering from a continuous political and economic crisis. Meanwhile, nearly a third of the country has been flooded, the Pakistani rupee continues to weaken, foreign exchange reserves continue to dwindle, and dozens of people have been killed in deadly TTP attacks.

Pakistan’s friendly countries are also waiting for an agreement with the IMF at a time when, according to the latest UNICEF report, nearly 4 million children in the country are still living near contaminated flood water, which threatens their health. There are risks.

If you listen to the news inside Pakistan, there is talk of a situation like Sri Lanka. The question is, how much should the neighboring country India be concerned about such a situation of Pakistan armed with nuclear weapons and can India help Pakistan?

In a recent podcast with Smita Prakash on news agency ANI, India’s Foreign Minister S Jaishankar said on Pakistan’s current crisis, “Pakistan’s future largely depends on Pakistan’s actions and Pakistan’s choice of options.” depends on.’

India's Foreign Minister S Jaishankar recently said that "Pakistan's future largely depends on Pakistan's actions and Pakistan's choice of options."
India’s Foreign Minister S Jaishankar recently said that “Pakistan’s future largely depends on Pakistan’s actions and Pakistan’s choice of options.”

He said that no one gets stuck in such a difficult situation suddenly and without any reason, now it depends on them what the way forward will be. Today, our relationship is not such that we are directly involved in this process.

S Jaishankar also said that if we compare with Sri Lanka, I would say it is a completely different relationship. We have friendly relations with Sri Lanka.

At present there is a fear of default in Pakistan. Defense Minister Asif Khawaja has said that Pakistan has defaulted.

However, in a conversation with BBC, Pakistani economist and former Caretaker Finance Minister Salman Shah assured that Pakistan will be able to overcome the current situation.

Salman Shah said that ‘we have to fix our economic system, there is a need to fix the style of governance, if this happens, Pakistan will slowly stand on its feet, if we talk about the long term, South Asia For, we need good economic relations with all neighboring countries.’

But the situation today is that the condition of Pakistan is very bad and the growing political bitterness is preventing things from improving.

Pak-India relations have been in cold storage for a long time and the list of disputes and grievances is long.

India’s stance is that terrorism and dialogue cannot go together, and the invitation to Nawaz Sharif at Prime Minister Modi’s swearing-in ceremony in 2014 and Narendra Modi’s visit to Lahore in 2015 were examples of India’s efforts to improve relations but failed. Extremist attacks like Pulwama show that Pakistan’s attitude has not changed.

Meanwhile, Pakistan is angry with the removal of Article 370 from Jammu and Kashmir.Former Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan compared the RSS to Hitler’s Nazi Party. After Indian action on Jammu and Kashmir, Pakistan stopped trading with India, although this trade continues both officially and unofficially.


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