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The passport of a Muslim country is considered the most powerful in the world

The most powerful passport in the world belongs to the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

This has been revealed in a new list ranking passports.

In Nomad Capitalist’s annual list, the UAE was ranked 32nd last year, but this year it rose to the number one position.

Other lists that rank passports only consider visa-free travel, but the Nomad Passport Index 2023 takes factors such as visa-free travel, taxes on citizens, dual citizenship, personal freedoms and people’s views of the country around the world into consideration. Sectors were taken into consideration.

In the list, the UAE passport was named number one, through which its citizens can travel to 181 countries without a visa, while the situation in other areas is also better than other countries.

Overall, the UAE was given a score of 111.

Luxembourg and Switzerland finished joint second with a score of 108, while Ireland and Portugal tied for fourth.

Germany and the Czech Republic are sixth, New Zealand is 8th, while Sweden, Finland and the Netherlands are joint 9th.

According to the company, UAE passport holders have been granted visa-free travel to 106 new countries over the past decade, which is a remarkable development.

The weakest passports

On the other hand, among the weakest passports, Pakistan is ranked fourth or 195th overall with Eritrea.

Below Pakistan were Iraq (197), Yemen (198) and Afghanistan (199).

Bangladeshi passport was ranked 182nd in the list while India was ranked 159th, Sri Lanka 170th and China 128th.


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