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Pakistani presenter Zainab Abbas wants to work in IPL


Pakistan’s leading presenter Zainab Abbas said that she would love to work in the Indian Premier League (IPL) if given the opportunity.

Zainab Abbas, the well-known presenter representing Pakistan around the world, has expressed her thoughts about working in IPL in an interview given on YouTube.

Presenter Zainab Abbas said that politics should not come in the middle of working between Pakistan and India, politics should not become a hindrance in the field of sports.

He said that sports bridge the distance between us, there should be no interruption in sports activities between the two countries, we only see each other in global events like ICC tournaments or Asia Cup, we need to avoid politics. need to be kept aside.

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When asked about IPL, Zainab said, “I think work should be taken as work. If I get a chance, I will definitely go and work in IPL.”

The Pakistani presenter says that I hope that the working relationship between the two countries will resume, India will come here and we will go there to play cricket.