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Poisoning of girls to prevent them from going to school revealed in Iran

In Iran, it has been revealed that girls are being poisoned to prevent them from going to school

According to foreign media, this was revealed by an Iranian deputy minister, Younis Panahi, who said that schoolgirls in Iran were poisoned because some people want to stop girls from getting an education.

According to reports, since November last year in Waqam, south of the capital Tehran, there have been hundreds of cases of respiratory problems among schoolgirls due to poisoning, with many girls being hospitalized.

On Sunday, Deputy Health Minister Younis Panahi categorically confirmed that the girls were deliberately poisoned.

According to the Iranian News Agency, Younis Panahi said that some people wanted to close the schools, especially for girls, so the students were poisoned.

He did not give further details and no casualties were known. Reports said that no arrests have been made against the incidents of poisoning the girls.

According to Irani News Agency, on February 14, the parents of several sick female students asked the authorities for an explanation about the girls’ illness. .

Last week, Prosecutor General Mohammad Jafar ordered a judicial investigation into these incidents.


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