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Psychological pregnancy: ‘I mourned the loss of a child who was never in my womb’

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In late 2019, 21-year-old makeup artist Guiseley Ramos de Secura faced what she believed to be one of the most difficult times of her life: her parents were separating and she had a difficult time. Was in a relationship.

She says that within a few days she got separated from her parents and started living alone. However, the months that followed were not easy for him and it was during this time that he reconnected with his ex-partner.

She says that the last time she was in front of her partner, he was about to attack her, and after that moment, she broke up with him forever.However, after a few weeks, when her period was delayed, Guiseley began to suspect that she might be pregnant.

She explains: ‘I was traumatized by everything I was going through and when my periods stopped I was even more upset because I didn’t want to get pregnant with my ex-partner’s baby because we The relationship was broken.’

In this situation, Ghaisli said, she began to have anxiety attacks and panic attacks, which made her afraid to leave the house.

During this time, when she was not leaving the house, more severe symptoms of possible pregnancy began to appear, namely, her belly began to increase in size and she began to feel pain in her breasts.

Elaborating, she says, “I took two pregnancy test kits and both came back positive.” My breasts were swollen, I started feeling the ‘baby’ move inside my belly. I was sure I was pregnant.’

Ghizli says that after a few weeks, she began to accept that she was pregnant. They bought diapers, shoes for the baby while they had already chosen the name ‘Bernardo’ or ‘Zoey’ for the baby.

After that they decided to do an ultrasound. According to their calculations, she will be five or six months pregnant.

She recalled: ‘When the doctor said there was no baby and I wasn’t pregnant, it was like my world fell apart. During the consultation with the doctor, it felt as if a hole had been opened and I did not hear anything.


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