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“Rain, rain and hail come with me” Karachi’s citizens are happy

The weather has turned pleasant after the rain in the coastal city of Karachi, Pakistan.
Along with the rain, there was hailstorm in Karachi, due to which the citizens were happy.
In a video of the rain on social networking website Twitter, the hail looks like pearls scattered on the ground.

Karachi generally receives less rain and when it does, the citizens enjoy it.
In this regard, the residents of Karachi are tweeting well during the rainy season on Twitter, but many Twitter users are also expressing doubts and disappointment that it is not raining in their area.
Twitter handle Jut and Kadi uploaded a video of the hailstorm in his tweet, in which the hail was seen shining like pearls on the ground, he asked, “Is this Karachi?” I can’t believe it.

Ahsan Iqbal, while giving an update on the rain, wrote that “Light rain with hail in Karachi.” The weather is pleasant.

The Twitter handle Endless Life tweeted, “What a beautiful sight this is in Karachi.” The rain came with the rain and hail.

Nooriya Imran expressed her surprise about the rain and wrote that ‘I can’t believe that it is raining in Karachi and it is so good.’

Two Salty expressed her disappointment over the lack of rain in her area and said that ‘I live in that part of Karachi where there is no sign of rain.’

Izma Siddiqui also complained that what is the problem with the weather. It is raining in half of Karachi and it is very sunny here.

A user named Cipher War Lord shared a picture of the sun and wrote that ‘It is raining in half of Karachi, that too with hail and on the other side the sun is burning us.’


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