HomesoftwareRussia became the largest foreign investor in Iran

Russia became the largest foreign investor in Iran

Tehran: (Web Desk) Iranian Finance Minister Ehsan Khandozi said that Russia has become the largest foreign investor in Iran.

He said that Russia has invested 2.76 billion dollars in Iran during the fiscal year ending this week, this investment has been made in various sectors such as industry, mining and transportation.

“We define our relationship with Russia as strategic and we are working together on many fronts, especially in the economic sector,” the minister said.

He emphasized that China and Russia are mutual economic partners of Iran and that Tehran intends to expand its relations with them by implementing “strategic agreements”.

When asked about accusations by Ukraine and its Western allies that Iran has provided armed drones to Russia for use in the war against Ukraine, Khandozi said the dispute was “unfortunate” for Iran.

Iran and Russia have linked their interbank communication and transfer systems to help boost trade and financial transactions, Iran’s Central Bank Deputy Governor Mohsen Karimi said in January.


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