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Saudi women are opening doors that were once closed

During the last decade, Saudi women have taken some unprecedented steps for the first time. Be it in the field of education or professional skills, everywhere they have proved their mettle while also playing a prominent role in male-dominated fields like industries.

All over the world, women have been facing problems in social life, sometimes in the name of religion and sometimes in the name of traditions.
The teachings of Islam were distorted by those in authority, while the fact is that Islam gave equality and prominence to women when the laws of human rights and gender equality were not even written down.

After the reforms carried out by King Salman and Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, within a few years, Saudi women have regained their rightful place and today they are playing their full role in every sphere of life. are
Last month, the Saudi Space Commission (SSC) announced that two female astronauts will also be part of the Exim-2 private mission to the International Space Station, which will launch next year.

Ali Al-Qarni and Rayana Barnawi are the first Saudi female astronauts who will be part of the space team that will spend 10 days in space. Where these two women will also do many experiments regarding biomedical and physics.
Similarly, Maryam Firdous and Ali Al-Ghamdi, who are associated with the Saudi space flight program, will also be trained to send in space missions.
A month ago, SSC also announced that 34 women train drivers have joined the department, who are now operating high-speed trains between Jeddah, Makkah and Madinah.

The airmen and train drivers mentioned above are just a few of the thousands of Saudi women who have now made their mark in fields that were once dominated by men, including science, technology, engineering and mathematics.
Programs have been launched in the Kingdom to enhance the role of women in various fields, including energy, engineering, technology, construction, manufacturing, artificial intelligence, research and innovation among others, and are aimed at local Work force is to be developed.
Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 reform agenda, designed to transition the kingdom’s economy away from oil and raise overall living standards, includes a strategy to give equal opportunities to talented candidates.

The role that women play in the public and private sectors in Saudi Arabia today is greater than in the past as reforms have allowed women to enter fields that were traditionally male dominated.

Today, apart from becoming astronauts, Saudi women are seen performing many other responsibilities including engineers, architects, mechanics, military and cyber security professionals, while Saudi women are also becoming part of industries that highlight Saudi heritage and culture around the world. causing to do.
Education plays an important role in equalizing opportunities for all, and Saudi Arabia is close to reaching universal literacy levels. The adult literacy rate here is 95% and up to 99% and they can read and write.
Saudi Arabia has also seen a huge increase in university enrollment rates and this is because the Saudi government spends a large portion of its GDP on education.

Scholarships are being given to thousands of students by the Ministry of Education. They are being sent to universities abroad and on their return imparting their knowledge to others, fostering a modern, vibrant and diverse economy.

Dr. Amal Shoghir, Deputy Minister of Scholarship Department of the Ministry of Education, told Arab News that most of the scholarships provided are those that will increase the workforce locally.
He further said that the Ministry of Education conducts research in collaboration with other Ministries and Departments to meet the requirement of various departments.

“In the middle of this year, 40 percent of scholarships were for women, the program’s largest share so far.”
He said that ‘in view of the specific skills, we have asked the students to be a part of the Masters and Ph. .’

Regarding women, he said that today they are thinking more deeply and are looking for ways that give them more opportunities to advance.
According to him, now women are not victims of any unknown fear and are taking steps towards a bright future.


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