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Standing with Pakistan in the war against terrorism: America

America has expressed its determination to stand with Pakistan in the war against terrorism, saying that it is trying to know and understand why such incidents are happening again and again.

These views were expressed by Derrick Shelt, Special Adviser and Consul of the US Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in an interview given to Voice of America. He said that Pakistan is facing a new wave of terrorism on which America is ready to work with Pakistan.

Derrick Schelt added that we are trying to understand and know why Pakistan is facing this new wave of terrorism and why this threat is increasing.

A senior US State Department official said Pakistan is closely reviewing information from its investigations into the attacks on police in Peshawar and Karachi and ensuring that those who carried out the attacks are brought to justice. To be delivered.

Derrick Schelt confirmed that he had spoken to his Pakistani counterparts regarding their needs in the war against terrorism and the assistance provided by the United States.

However, he refrained from answering a question about helping to attack terrorist hideouts in Afghanistan.

Counselor Derrick Consular, who visited Pakistan for the second time in five months, added to the question that I will not speculate on the nature of support in the war against terrorism, what we will support and who we will not. .


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