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The fact that the US president fell from the plane

The reality of the video of the US President falling from the plane has been revealed

Warsaw: When US President Joe Biden’s plane arrived in Poland, the guests came out, but one of them slipped on the first step and fell to the ground, the video of which went viral.

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The reality of the video of the US president falling from the plane

According to the World News Agency, US President Joe Biden arrived in Poland after completing his visit to Ukraine. His plane landed at the Warsaw airport and the delegation came out of the door. Suddenly, a person fell to the ground while rolling down the first step.

The scene was captured on camera and the video went viral on social media. Many users claimed that the fallen person was none other than the US President.

Users said that the way the security personnel rushed to pick up the fallen man clearly indicated that he was someone as important as the President of the United States.

The consumer’s claim was also bolstered by the fact that 80-year-old Joe Biden had previously lost control and fallen while climbing the stairs of a plane en route to Atlanta.

However, the international media revealed the reality of this video and said that the plane belongs to the US President, but the fallen figure is not the US President, but a member of his delegation.

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