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The inside story of the Army Chief and Finance Minister’s meeting with businessmen has come out

The inside story of Army Chief General Asim Munir and Federal Finance Minister Ishaq Dar’s meeting with businessmen has come out. The Army Chief and Finance Minister met Pakistan’s top businessmen last night. The Finance Minister gave a briefing on the International Monetary Fund (IMF) program in the meeting and the Army Chief gave confidence.

According to media reports, most of the economic issues were discussed in the meeting, but some political issues were also discussed. Ishaq Dar gave statistics regarding future economic expectations.

The Army Chief gave a message to the business community that there are definitely problems but not all is bad in Pakistan, together we will get the country out of problems and fight till the end.

The finance minister assured the business community that the staff level agreement will soon be reached with the IMF, in June we will complete the IMF program and then look at our options for future economic strategy.

Ishaq Dar told the businessmen that the attitude of the IMF has never been so strict in the past as it is now, at this time Pakistan is being forced through the IMF program to accept stricter conditions, China understands this. Therefore, Pakistan immediately received deposits from China, but with the staff level agreement of the IMF, money will also be received from other friendly countries, international organizations and the situation will improve.

According to the report, the Army Chief also took the business community into confidence that investments will also come from friendly countries and for the future of the country, there will be reforms in agriculture through joint ventures, which will solve the country’s food security problem.

The report states that the Army Chief made it clear that he will not interfere in political matters and that the political leadership should solve its own problems. and sent a message, but my reply was that what is my job as an army chief to meet politicians?

The army chief said that Imran Khan wanted to meet me, but my message was that the politicians should solve political problems by themselves, the army will not interfere in politics and will not play a political role.

Tehreek-e-Insaf leader Fawad Chaudhry has responded to the news of Imran Khan’s desire to meet the Army Chief by saying that Imran Khan never requested a meeting with the Army Chief.

It should be remembered that on March 3, former Prime Minister and Chairman of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf Imran Khan said that it seems that the Army Chief considers me as his enemy, there is no fight with the establishment, now no one is ready to talk, so what should I do?

While talking to journalists in Lahore, Imran Khan said that there is no fight with my establishment, someone thinks that if I kneel down, it will not happen, now no one is ready to talk, so what should I do? Ready to talk to the army chief for the betterment of the country.


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