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The yellow model of the iPhone caused a stir on social media

Apple has announced a yellow iPhone for the summer season, which will be sold under the iPhone 14 and 14 Plus.

Pre-orders and bookings for the yellow iPhone are now open for interested users.

Apple often introduces new colored phones in the month of March, but this time it’s a bold yellow phone with a yellowish gold back and sides. Apple called the campaign ‘Hello, Yellow’. Is. However, their supply will start from March 14. People can pre-order this phone in many countries including the US.

Apple has also given many incentives to the users for this phone, which they can benefit from. But it is always a tactic of cell phone companies to attract more users.

Apple has also officially created a matching silicone case for the yellow phone, priced at $49, which you can also purchase directly from the company’s website. Those who have seen its color have interpreted it as a ripe banana or a bright lemon.

However, all its internal details are the same. That is, the A15 is equipped with a Bionic processor. There are two cameras on the front, and the 12-megapixel camera is on the front side and there is a Face ID unlocking facility. yellow


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