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Husband sentenced to one year imprisonment for slapping his wife on Tik Tok Live

A Spanish husband who slapped his wife during a TikTok live stream was sentenced to a year in prison.

According to a foreign news outlet, a local court in Spain convicted a man of physical violence against his wife live on social media and sentenced him to one year in prison, while the court also ordered him to stay away from his wife for three years. An order has been issued under which he will also be banned from talking to his wife.

The court has also banned the accused from possessing weapons for 3 years.

According to foreign media, the accused was convicted after a picture went viral after a Tik Tok live stream in which a husband slapped his wife hard, making her cry.

After this photo went viral in Spain, the court ordered the man who physically abused his wife to be jailed.

In its verdict, the court said that the accused physically harmed the wife in front of thousands of people on live stream and hurt her self-respect and humiliated her, on which she cried.

On this incident, the court did not take into consideration the defense made by the wife for the husband and made it clear in the judgment that there is no need for the complaint of the plaintiff in cases against violence.


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