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Toshah Khana Reference: Indictment proceedings against Imran Khan adjourned till February 28

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chairman and former prime minister Imran Khan were once again exempted from attendance in the case of criminal proceedings in the Vashah Khana reference, after which the indictment proceedings were adjourned till February 28.

In District and Sessions Court Islamabad, the case of criminal proceedings against Imran Khan in the Tosha Khana reference was heard by the Election Commission, in which Imran Khan’s lawyer Barrister Gohar appeared before Additional Sessions Judge Zafar Iqbal and on behalf of Imran Khan. Filed a request for exemption from attendance.

Expressing surprise, the court inquired that there is an exception request again today? Now tell them to appear. The lawyer replied that on February 28, Imran Khan will be X-rayed. The Additional Sessions Judge remarked that if it remains like this, it does not seem to be a trial. The lawyer said that Imran Khan reached Lahore High yesterday with great difficulty, on which the judge said that he will have to come here with the same difficulty.

The Additional Sessions Judge said that they get their confirmation from the PIMs. Someone show me the MLC. What is the nature of the injuries? Show which injury Imran Khan has suffered. During the hearing, the lawyer of the Election Commission pleaded for the formation of a medical board and said that Imran Khan did not appear in the Lahore High Court yesterday, not on a wheelchair, but on his own.

The judge remarked that the summons had been ordered on January 9 and today is February 21. Copies of the case are given to the accused, copies are not given to the pleader. That is why we had reserved the personal presence of Imran Khan today. The court returned the copies to the counsel of the Election Commission. The court remarked that believe us, we are making exceptions on every date, when will we come?

Imran Khan’s lawyer said that if the court approves the exception of today’s date, it will come on the next date. This is not a case, Imran Khan will definitely appear. Imran Khan is not appearing due to doctor’s suggestion and security reasons. Imran Khan has to appear in banking court and other courts too, he will come here too.

The Election Commission’s lawyer said that if the copy of the case is taken now, I will not oppose the exception, to which Imran Khan’s lawyer replied that we have to file an application regarding the jurisdiction of the case. The election commission lawyer said that the court should adjourn the next hearing for indictment.

The court said that we are keeping the date of February 28, there will be no delay beyond that. Sessions Court Islamabad accepted Imran Khan’s plea of ​​exception and adjourned the process of indicting Imran Khan till February 28. The court ordered Imran Khan to ensure attendance at the next hearing.


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