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What are the effects of eating potatoes daily on the body?

A favorite vegetable of all ages, there are many misconceptions about potatoes that they are nutritionally deficient, usually because they contain starch (a type of sweetener). The reason for this is that acne and obesity increase on the face, but the opposite is true.

Is it beneficial for health to make a habit of eating this vegetable daily? So the answer is yes, don’t be afraid to eat it daily.

Potato skins are rich in potassium, which keeps the heart healthy, while this vegetable also contains phosphorus, magnesium, calcium, sodium, iron and zinc.

Potassium is also a necessary component to keep blood pressure under control, so potatoes also help to protect against this disorder.

A single potato can provide 45% of your daily vitamin C needs, but most of it is lost when reheated, so eating it immediately after cooking without the skins and peels will be more beneficial.

Also, the fiber in potatoes is great for gut health, which improves digestive health.

Potatoes are high in calcium which helps in strengthening the bones.

Potatoes do not contain cholesterol, but cooking methods such as french fries or frying can add to it.

And yes, potatoes also improve skin health while helping to prevent depression and mental stress.

Potatoes can be eaten in different forms, but eating them boiled helps to keep the stomach full for longer, that is, even with less food, the stomach remains full for longer and the body weight is reduced faster.

Sometimes the habit of eating potatoes can lead to obesity, especially if they are fried or eaten with fatty foods such as butter or fat.

Diabetics have to be very careful with potatoes because they have a high glycemic index, but eating them cold can lower blood sugar levels by up to 25%.

Avoid eating raw potato as it contains high amount of sodium which is not reduced after cooking but then it is not harmful, eating it in raw form can be harmful.


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