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The Parlors and materialistic women in the world of fashion

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From: Maulana Mahfouzur Rahman Farooqi

Ameer Center for Shariah Studies, Bharkal Gate, Aurangabad

The trend of beauty parlor is becoming very common and most of the women are getting used to it. It is an English word (Beauty Parlour). Which means “Institution of Improvement of Beauty” in Urdu. Nowadays women have many desires. There, materialistic women and men are becoming slaves to this desire. Various types of body sculpting, hair trimming, breast augmentation and shaping, facial massage, hair and eyebrow beautification, natural hair color bleaching, lip contouring, artificial mole Making, making designs on long nails, creating beauty with nail polish, massaging hands, feet and body, changing skin color, making mehndi designs on visible and hidden parts of the body, etc.

In Islam fashion, some things are allowed and some things are prohibited, it is important for Muslim men and women who are bound by religion and Shariah to find out the Shariah order before doing any work. The Qur’an says: Ask the people of knowledge if you do not know.

Collection set of different Muslim Arab women characters in traditional clothing fashion

In Islam, the fulfillment of every legitimate natural desire is allowed and adornment is part of human nature and women are more passionate than men. Islam has certainly allowed decoration and adornment, but it has set a limit. A hadith has the meaning that Hazrat Aisha had admonished a woman for abandoning adornment and in a tradition of Abu Dawood Sharif, the Holy Prophet had also encouraged a woman to apply henna.

Women are allowed to wear colorful and silken clothes, gold and silver ornaments etc. in view of the fact that they enhance their beauty. Islam has allowed women to beautify and beautify themselves to please their husbands. Today, women misuse this permission and use it illegally, instead of their husbands, they become slaves for others.

In front of her husband, she keeps such clothes and condition in the house that a maidservant is a Vinokarani and when she goes out for a walk, she is a fairy of beauty. Although in the house there was a dress of a queen and a queen and simplicity was to be adopted to avoid outside beasts and wolves. Women who wear good clothes and adorn themselves to please their husbands have a reward and women who do the opposite have a sin.

It has been mentioned in a hadith that Allah Almighty has cursed those women who give birth to their children and also those who clean their facial hair and widen their teeth for the sake of beauty and change the creation of Allah. (Bukhari Sharif: Vol. 2, p. 878)

And there is a Hadith Sharif that Allah Almighty has cursed the one who braids hair and the one who applies other hair and the one who kneads it. (Bukhari, vol.2, p.879) It is known from these hadiths that “Hasan” is the manifestation of Allah’s trust and His creation.

In which self-inflicted change is interference in Allah’s system. It is as if this woman wants to complain to Allah by creating artificial and artificial beauty and by changing her hair and cheeks a little bit at a time, that Allah (may Allah bless him and grant him peace) wanted to make it like that. We are correcting the deficiency that you had left. After all, who authorized these materialistic women and men to advise Allah and interfere in His system?

The Qur’an says: We have created man in the best form. If you want to be unique and stand out, create a character instead of a face. Decorate the soul instead of the mortal body. According to whom:

After the body has sunk, decorate the soul

In a hadith, the Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said, “Cursed is the woman who wears men’s clothing and cursed is the man who wears women’s clothing.” Nowadays, boys and girls are wearing such clothes in the name of fashion that it is difficult to distinguish whether it is a boy or a girl.

And the pity is more when such boys and girls emerge from the house of a prayer, pilgrim, religious person, preacher and scholar, when attention is drawn to them, they make an excuse that the children of today do not believe.

They have grown up, should I kill them now? You can shut the mouths of creatures and silence them, but will this excuse of yours hold true with the Creator? On the contrary, Islam says that parents are responsible. Who pays for clothes? Who gives permission to go to market? It is the fault of those responsible and they will be questioned in the hereafter, but this serious crime can never be forgiven. Kalkam ra’ wakalkam mashal al-Ra’ita (Al-Hadith) Translation: Each one of you is responsible and he will be asked by his subordinates.

Nowadays, in households, the hair of little girls is cut fashion (baby cut), this is also forbidden in Islam. And children are dressed as dancers. (Gharare etc.) and shirts are worn up to pants. And the excuse is that she is still a child, there are days to play, etc.

This boy-like dress is also forbidden in Shariat and if it is not caught today, getting rid of this habit after growing up is like weaning a child and this habit can prove dangerous in his college etc. Another sin that is entering the household in the name of fashion is that Muslim women and girls are getting addicted to nail polish.

All the scholars have agreed that a woman or girl applying nail polish does not perform ghusl, that is, she will not be pure until she scrapes off the polish. There are many women who are always living an impure life, neither do their ablution nor their bath nor their prayer.

Some illegal and haram activities are being done unknowingly in the beauty parlour. A quick glance at this is essential.

Facial massage and hair cleansing

Allama Ibn Juzi has written in his book Aqaman al-Nisa that a woman who rubs her face with any medicine or oil to make her complexion clear is cursed. In a hadith, the Holy Prophet … cursed those women who massage and massage the skin. (Jami Saghir, vol.2, p.329) Now consider that in the beauty parlor, the cheeks, nose, eyes, throat, forehead and the upper part of the neck are massaged with oil or cream lotion and to improve the color and shine in the skin fashion.

What is tried to create, this process is not correct according to Sharia, it is illegal and haram. However, it is permissible to apply cream etc. on the face with one’s hands, but it is not permissible to massage it.

The process that is done to correct the facial skin and remove wrinkles is called Skin Tightening. This practice is also not permissible. Because this change is inherent in Allah’s creation. Holy Prophet (PBUH) has cursed doing and doing such things. (Bukhari, vol.2, p.878) Generally, this process is done by elderly women or men to hide their age.

Trimming the hair fashion above the forehead to widen the face, cropping between the eyebrows to make them look distinct and good. It is called (Groming of Eyebrow) in English. This process is also not permissible in Sharia.

The structure of the lips

If the structure of the lips is changed, fashion action is also invalid. Attempts are often made to beautify and beautify it through surgery or other means. In this too, change is necessary and permissible.

The use of tools to make an artificial mole on a part of the body, which is heated in fire and scarred, and by making a wound with a pointed object and filling it with silver or saffron to make a mark, a mole, then this form is also impermissible because it is “Washm”. I’m in. Which has been cursed in the hadith. (Bukhari)

Applying henna on other parts of the body ( Using Henna on Body )

In the past, women used henna on their hands and feet, but nowadays it is applied on the stomach, back, pubic area and above the knees, and these parts are displayed by making henna designs. Such a dress is worn in ceremonies.

In which this carving space is open. In the beauty parlor, this job is mostly done by men. But if women also do this, it is not permissible to open and display these parts in front of women. There is an emphasis on keeping veiled. So it is not correct to apply henna on such places.

Making fashion a beauty parlor a livelihood

Islam fashion has presented the theory of haram and halal in the issue of livelihood (livelihood). This has been given by the jurists in the form of problems in the light of Quran and Hadith.

Sometimes some people say in annoyance that the issue of haram and halal is raised by the Maulvis everywhere. Although it is not strict in Islam.

They should understand that after believing, the most important issue is haram and halal. In the light of Qur’an and Hadith, it has been emphasized to avoid Haram and it comes to this in the Holy Hadith. A morsel of Haram wastes forty (40) years of worship.

Fashion As many things are done in the beauty parlour. Almost all of them have been declared haram by Islam and as many works are becoming haram and illegal and some of the works are cursed by Allah and His Messenger.

In view of all such situations, all the scholars have agreed that it is not permissible to beautify in a beauty parlor. Therefore, it is not permissible for a Muslim to open a fashion beauty parlor and make it a source of livelihood. Because it has to help in carrying out wrong and unlawful acts which are forbidden by Sharia.

The Qur’an enunciates the principle, “Wal’a ta’awanwa ali al-Ithm, and do not cooperate and help in evil deeds.” Therefore, in the light of the Quran, it has been emphasized to avoid it. May Allah Ta’ala grant us the ability to avoid haram livelihood from haram activities. (Amen)


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