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Zardari, Sharif and Imran have all been tried, nothing will happen without changing the system: Miftah Ismail

Former Federal Finance Minister Miftah Ismail says that 75 years of mistakes are behind the situation in which the country is stuck today, we have tried Zardari, Sharif and Imran Khan, nothing will happen without changing the system.

Speaking at a seminar in Karachi, former Federal Finance Minister Miftah Ismail said that under the 18th Amendment, the powers were transferred to the provinces. It has to be done, the provincial governments do not collect taxes, by giving money to the provinces, the federation is already at a loss.

Former Federal Minister of Finance said that if you talk about the 18th Amendment, it becomes a problem if there are problems, leave the external debt, now they are also trapped in the clutches of local debt, the Sindh government has only Karachi to collect taxes, the provinces A thousand billion rupees are spent on education while government school children are failing in science and maths, no policy will develop without education.

He said that the economic situation is not the fault of one year, it is the result of 75 years, 87 percent of Pakistanis do not get enough food as they should get, children are physically weak in districts where water is dirty, the fault of 75 years Due to the policies, the country is suffering from crises today.

He said that India will have IT exports worth 150 billion dollars this year. India has 23 IT campuses today. Sit down to solve problems.

Former Federal Finance Minister said that Imran Khan talks a lot about corruption, then Gogi and Buzdar come out. The spirit of Justice Munir is still alive in the Supreme Court. We have no intention of forming a party. And Imran Khan has tried everything, we have been in the government and know that nothing will happen without changing the system.

Miftah Ismail said that the PTI government broke the IMF agreement, the IMF agreement was broken by selling cheap petrol and diesel, I also went to jail because of Imran Khan, we signed an agreement with the IMF. What, we are running on debt and increasing our spending too.

Miftah Ismail further said that the value of the dollar is the work of the market, not of the finance minister, the monetary policy is strict, the financial policy is very easy, global credit is not available, our reputation has been affected.


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